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As children return to school this week, half of UK parents (48%) say that despite juggling home schooling, work and household chores, lockdown has made them better parents.

Ladybird & Bee premieres in English on RTÉjr

Bestie Beasties Ladybird and Bee are back for Wild Meadow adventures on RTÉJr.!

Bóín & Beach, Ladybird & Bee to premiere on RTÉjr in March

New pre-school series celebrating nature and friendship to launch in Irish language.

TV premiere of heart-warming kids’ film about grief ends 2020

Sol – an uplifting animated film about a little boy’s journey through grief – premieres in the UK and Republic of Ireland on Monday 21 December, the longest night of the year.

There’s No Plan Bee: Empty Shop Shelves In A Future Without Bees

This Organic September, Clipper Teas joins forces with bee expert Dave Goulson and the National Trust to demonstrate the importance of bees, and other pollinators, on the food system.

Mrs Crimble’s expands #NoFilter campaign with autumn push

Mrs Crimble’s is launching its first autumnal campaign to date, encouraging shoppers to relax with its gloriously gluten-free baked goods.

Ecotone UK becomes a Future Maker

The B-Corp certified business will offer career insight to disadvantaged young people.

Ecotone UK becomes a Future Maker

The B Corp certified company will offer career insight to disadvantaged young people at the Clipper factory in Beaminster.


On the eve of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, one Team GB ‘superfan’ has gone to extraordinary lengths to show his support for our Olympic hopefuls this summer.

Sustainability is the fastest-growing purchase consideration

Sustainable grocery shopping soars as 12.5m UK shoppers now actively consider how sustainable food and drink is before purchasing.

On the Edge Conservation makes its kids’ YouTube series more accessible

On the Edge Conservation has launched British Sign Language episodes and subtitles for its popular YouTube series about lesser-known endangered animals.

On The Edge’s popular VTubers tap TikTok for a wider Gen Z audience

After the YouTube launch of the world’s first virtual influencers aimed at kids, On The Edge Conservation is now tapping TikTok to allow its VTubers to reach more Gen Zs.

OTEC launches virtual influencers on YT as ‘spokesanimals’ for endangered species

OTEC launches virtual influencers on YT as ‘spokesanimals’ for endangered species – using new motion capture techniques to humanise its characters

Sylvanian fans go quackers for ducks in election win

Over 200,000 millennial and current fans of classic 80s’ toy Sylvanian Families have voted for their all-time favourite family in a historic election, the first in the brand’s 35-year his...

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