Buddy and Winnie are today revealed as the UK’s top puppy names for male and female pups respectively, according to research.


Both are popular names with celebrities. Winnie is the name for celebrity dog owners’ Millie Bobbie Brown (actress), Selena Gomez and Vogue Williams (presenter/podcaster). Buddy is popular with Robbie Williams and Love Island’s Laura Anderson.


The research of 2,000 adults found that one in five Brits choose a pup’s name based on a funny human name. 


A third say they have to spend time with their pup first before making a decision on their name.  Over a quarter say they need to practice calling out a name first to check that it sounds right.


One in ten leave naming to their children.  Kids TV characters feature in the list of top names including: Scoobie Doo (15 per cent), Lassie (10 per cent) and Marley from Marley & Me (9 per cent).   


On the contrary, classic kids’ storybook names - Spot and Kipper - were the least popular puppy names with just 2 per cent of votes. 


Josie Davis, spokesperson from kids toy brand, Little Live Pets comments:

As this research shows, there is so much care and consideration taken in naming a new puppy.  It’s a lot of responsibility alongside everything else involved with pet ownership.  
So if budgets are tight, a plush version such as ‘My Puppy’s Home’ can be as good as the real thing for families. It guides children through the nurturing rituals of naming to housing and caring for a pet but in plush form.
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Other popular choices in the top five names for boy pups include: Dexter, Duke, Bear and Cocoa.  


For girl pups, other names in the top five include: Coco, Dolly, Dottie and Cookie.  


Despite being dog social media sensations, Dolly Pawton and Tuna Melts My Heart ranked lowest for top Pup names of 2023.


The study also revealed how two in five Brits think that man’s best friend should be able to sleep in the same bed as their owners.  One in three admit to co-sleep with their canine pets.


30 per cent think differently, preferring dogs to stay out of their beds at night.  One quarter of those surveyed prefer to use a crate or kennel for canine sleeping arrangements.

Top 5 male puppy names:

·       Buddy  

·       Dexter  

·       Duke 

·       Bear  

·       Cocoa 

Top 5 female puppy names:

·       Winnie  

·       Coco 

·       Dolly 

·       Dottie 

·       Cookie  

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