Abbot Kinney’s launches in the UK with new organic, plant-based drinks

Dutch dairy alternatives brand, Abbot Kinney’s, is set to make its debut in the UK with its new range of lactose-free drinks made from a unique blend of plant-based ingredients.


Based in Amsterdam, Abbot Kinney’s is owned by Ecotone, a European leader in great tasting, organic and plant-based food and drink. Renowned for its delicious vegan yoghurt, ice cream and desserts, Abbot Kinney’s ‘Best of Plants’ range of drinks will be available in UK health food outlets for the first time from March 2022.

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Abbot Kinney’s is focused on making vegan-friendly products that taste great. Catering to a range of taste preferences, three plant-based drinks are set to launch: Mild (RRP £2.19), Chocolate (RRP £2.29) and Barista (RRP £2.49). Unlike other brands in the dairy-free sector, Abbot Kinney’s is made with a delicious blend of rice, soya and coconut – offering a key point of difference in the category.

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Abbot Kinney’s distinctively clean, minimalist branding, depicts the brand’s commitment to using natural ingredients and simple processes; free from artificial colours, flavours and lactose.


Adele Ward, Innovation Controller at Ecotone UK, comments:

We’re excited to bring Abbot Kinney’s plant blends to UK shoppers, as we look to make plant-based alternatives the go-to choice when it comes to reconsidering milk.
Taste is often a key barrier when entering the category. But with Abbot Kinney’s unique blend of ingredients, the ‘Best of Plants’ drinks are genuinely delicious either on their own, in cereal, hot drinks and in cooking. We anticipate they will have wide appeal, particularly with a younger audience due to the brand’s organic and natural positioning and contemporary brand identity. Interest in the dairy alternative category has risen in the past two years with value sales of Total Milk Alternatives increasing by 35% (source: IRI 52w/e 29th Jan ’22 vs. two years ago). Abbot Kinney’s is ideally placed to meet this demand with its new great-tasting range that uses organic ingredients that can help wildlife and biodiversity.

The brand believes that plant-based alternatives can help with sustainability as well as being nutritionally delicious.

It is part of the Ecotone family of brands, which, guided by its mission of ‘Food for Biodiversity’, is focused on using plant-based ingredients to create more nutritious food that is better for biodiversity.

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About Abbot Kinney’s

Since 2014 it has been Abbot Kinney’s mission to create the most delicious dairy alternatives, using simple, organic and natural ingredients that can help to improve wildlife, soil health and farm animals. Plant-based is the way forward, so, Abbot Kinney made it delicious.

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