·       Jamie Ramsay has pushed the limits of fan dedication with a series of extreme feats

·       On a kit-loaded bike, he’s cycled the equivalent distance from London-Tokyo in just 80 days, reaching all four corners of the UK and conquering its most gruelling passes

·       Fuelled by Whole Earth peanut butter, he pedalled for 650 hours and summited Everest’s height over 13 times

·       With no British spectators out in Tokyo, Jamie hopes his journey will inspire other fans to support Team GB in their own way

As the Tokyo 2020 Games get underway, Team GB ‘superfan’, Jamie Ramsay, completes his 80 day, 10,000km ‘Whole Earth - Wh.JPG
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As the Tokyo 2020 Games get underway, Team GB ‘superfan’, Jamie Ramsay, completes his 80 day, 10,000km ‘Whole Earth - Wh.JPG

On the eve of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, one Team GB ‘superfan’ has gone to extraordinary lengths to show his support for our Olympic hopefuls this summer.


Jamie Ramsay, 41, from East Lothian, has completed an epic, 10,000km cycle challenge around the UK in just 80 days after his initial plans to ride the whole way from London to Tokyo were derailed by COVID travel restrictions.


Undeterred, Jamie worked with Team GB’s official peanut butter, Whole Earth, to re-route the journey around the UK, with a ‘nutty’ tour of sound-a-like places on the route to Tokyo.

Jamie Ramsay completes epic cycle challenge - photo credit, Anthony Devlin (16).JPG
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Jamie Ramsay completes epic cycle challenge - photo credit, Anthony Devlin (podium2).JPG
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He swapped Moscow, Russia for the tiny namesake hamlet of Moscow in East Ayrshire, Scotland, and the canals of Amsterdam for Holland in Oxted, Surrey.


After visiting all four corners of the UK, the self-confessed super supporter crossed the finishing line in Stokeyo, aka Stoke-on-Trent, the UK’s nearest sound-alike to Tokyo.


Since being waved off from Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on 5 May by Team GB star Helen Glover MBE, Jamie has racked up 650 hours in the saddle, averaging between 130km – 200km cycle rides per day.


His daily vertical ascent has been greater than the height of Ben Nevis, and he climbed a total of 120,000 vertical metres - over 13 times the height of Everest - burning a mammoth 400,000 calories.


The mad-cap endurance adventurer built in extra weekly challenges to push his stamina to the very limits.

Ramsay conquered the infamous 33% gradient Hardknott Pass on a kit-loaded bike and scaled and descended Ben Nevis in under four hours, followed by a 70km cycle to the Isle of Skye.


Just like his Olympic heroes, Jamie had to overcome adversity en-route: he battled through 21 days of non-stop rain at the journey’s start, cycled in a face net to ward off midge attacks in Scotland, and required repairs on nearly every part of his bike except the frame.

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Plans for this journey began in 2019 with sponsors Whole Earth, the official peanut butter of Team GB, whose support for the team is summed up in its ‘With You the Whole Way’ advertising campaign.


After discovering that Jamie was such a big Olympics fan that he wore a gold bodysuit every time Team GB won gold at London 2012 - 29 times - Whole Earth set the mega fan a nutty challenge to go the whole way from London to Tokyo fuelled by peanut and pedal power.


But when Covid thwarted these plans, followed by news that international spectators were banned from the Games, Ramsay re-routed the journey around the UK, to inspire the nation to get behind Team GB back home.


Jamie says: “I’ve always been nuts for Team GB and peanut butter, so when Whole Earth approached me two years ago with the idea of a naturally-powered journey to the Olympic Games, I jumped at the chance. Sadly, travelling to Tokyo still wasn’t possible in 2021, and foreign spectators aren’t permitted in Tokyo either. But this trip has shown me the extreme lengths l’ll go to for my beloved Team GB. l hope my passion and determination will inspire Brits to find their own way to cheer for our inspirational athletes this summer.”


Jamie harnessed the benefits of protein-packed peanut butter to fuel his journey and polished off 50 jars of Whole Earth. He also discovered new and wacky ways to enjoy it, including peanut butter on top of fried haggis, Cornish ice cream and Welsh cakes.


Kirstie Hawkins, Whole Earth brand controller, says: “Jamie is amazing. There isn’t a nuttier Team GB fan out there. We are very proud of what he has achieved, his passion and determination to show his support for our athletes. Jamie has eaten peanut butter every day to give him the energy he needs to complete his epic adventure - and has shown just how versatile it is. We’ve never seen someone have it on haggis before.”


“With limitations on spectators at the Tokyo 2020 Games this year, we want the public to really getting behind Team GB athletes and show their support. What Jamie Ramsay has achieved over the last 80 days is extraordinary and Whole Earth have really gone the whole way in showing their support for Team GB. A huge well done to Jamie for completing the challenge. We hope this helps to inspire the nation and get them excited for what promises to be a very memorable and iconic Olympic Games” adds Tim Ellerton, commercial director of the British Olympic Association.

For more information about Jamie's journey, recipes and personalised Team GB jars of Whole Earth peanut butter, visit:

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