Papa John’s launches first global ‘Plant Love’ campaign to promote increased choice for pizza fans

Papa John’s is today launching its first coordinated global campaign in over 12 countries globally to ‘plant love’ with its pizza fans worldwide.

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‘Love Pizza, Love the Planet’ aims to promote the importance of nature and natural ingredients in Papa John’s pizzas, spotlighting new or existing plant-based or inspired ranges. 

New pizzas launching in various markets across EMENA, Asia and Latin America will include the Bee Sting pizza with honey drizzle, new vegan chicken pizzas and nuggets using NoChicken and a vegan cheese swap on vegetarian pizzas.

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‘Love letters’ to Papa John’s customers, accompanying the plant-based or inspired pizzas featured in the campaign, will communicate how through a shared love of pizza, everyone can take small steps to choose more plant-friendly foods and protect nature.  


The marketing campaign will also highlight Papa John’s DNA of ‘Better Pizza, Better Ingredients’ promise, and the role of nature in making many pizza ingredients better. For Papa John’s, this includes the wheat and barley in its fresh, not frozen, six ingredient dough; the vine ripened tomatoes in its pizza sauce; as well as its vegetable toppings. It will gently spell out how without nature, many of the foods we love, like pizza, could become obsolete in future.


Jo Blundell, VP of International Marketing comments:

We’ve started our journey towards planting more love with customers, communities and the planet with initiatives like Meat Free Mondays, compostable boxes and our range of award-winning vegan pizzas.
Our global ‘Love Pizza, Love the Planet’ campaign aims to open more eyes to the benefits of plant-based ingredients and how nature plays a pivotal role in the food we eat. After all, without taking better care of nature, there would be no bees to pollinate our tomatoes for our pizza sauce and therefore, no pizza in the future.That doesn’t bear thinking about.

The new global campaign also builds on Papa John’s UK launch of the world’s first ‘Beezza’ a few years ago – a pizza designed for bees to highlight their role as a pollinator of tomatoes. Together with The Bumblebee Conservation trust, the initiative aimed to promote connections with plant-based food and enable Papa John’s to keep up with global demand for tomato-based products.


Papa John’s currently promotes Meat Free Mondays internationally and is proud to serve pizzas in compostable boxes. It has won several awards across the globe for its vegan ranges including PETA’s Vegan Food award. In late 2020, Papa John’s in the UAE was the first in the country to receive the prestigious award. The Vegan Society has also accredited its mozzarella style and vegan mild cheddar style cheeses.


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About Papa John’s

For more information regarding the new Plant Love campaign, or any of the items available on the Papa John’s menu, please visit

Papa John’s International, Inc. (NASDAQ: PZZA) opened its doors in 1984 with one goal in mind: BETTER INGREDIENTS. BETTER PIZZA. Papa John’s believes that using high quality ingredients leads to superior quality pizzas. Its original dough is made of only six ingredients and is fresh, never frozen. Papa John’s tops its pizzas with real cheese made from mozzarella, pizza sauce made with vine-ripened tomatoes that go from vine to can in the same day and meat free of fillers. It was the first US national pizza delivery chain to announce the removal of artificial flavors and synthetic colors from its entire food menu.

Papa John’s is headquartered in Louisville, Ky. and is the world’s third-largest pizza delivery company with more than 5,360 restaurants in 48 countries and territories as of September 27, 2020. For more information about the Company or to order pizza online, visit or download the Papa John’s mobile app for iOS or Android.

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