Papa Johns’ new Chorizo range features flavours inspired by the taste of space

Papa Johns is launching the world’s first-space-inspired pizza – a giant leap for mankind and pizza lovers everywhere.

Inspired by chorizo’s fame as the world’s furthest travelled sausage – having gone into space with Spanish astronaut, Pedro Duque, in 1998 – the new space inspired pizza range combines chorizo’s stratospherically delicious flavours with Papa Johns’ signature pizzas, Papadia and rolls. 

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Dr Chris Welch, a world-leading ‘spaceologist’ and former Vice-President of the International Aeronautical Federation, analysed the composition of Papa Johns’ new pizza range and uncovered the striking similarities between the tastes, textures and appearance of chorizo and space finding:  


- Jupiter’s extreme 35,000 degrees Celsius temperatures create epic solar cyclones – such as the Great Red Spot – which look just like a piece of chorizo.

- In 2016, when the NASA Juno spacecraft orbited Jupiter, it discovered that the planet bears a striking resemblance to a chorizo-topped pizza.  

- There is evidence that the same carbon compounds produced during the drying process of paprika – used to give chorizo its classic red hue – may also be found in space. This explains why astronauts often smell grilled meats after a spacewalk. 

- The effects of microgravity in space mean that astronauts’ sense of taste is dulled, which is why they often crave spicy flavour-packed foods – and may be the reason why Pedro Duque took a chorizo with him to space.


Commenting on this discovery, Dr Chris Welch said: “Spicy flavours like chorizo have long been a favourite space food among hungry astronauts, which is why it has enjoyed such a rich space heritage. But surprisingly, as recent evidence has revealed, its flavours and distinct aromas could really be considered out of this world – with traces of the same aromatic compound thought to be found in both space and chorizo.” 


The space inspired pizza range is supported by a multi-channel global marketing campaign, running in China, Qatar, UAE, Oman, Poland, Germany and in selected LATAM markets this autumn.

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In a new culturally disruptive campaign film, pizza fans will be taken on an intergalactic journey of taste discovery to Planet Chorizo, to explore chorizo’s out of this world flavours, colours and beauty.


Bringing Planet Chorizo’s outer space glamour down to Earth, Chelsie Lane cosmetics has created a limited edition Chorizo Style Lipstick to celebrate Papa Johns’ new range and chorizo’s space heritage.


The lipstick, closely resembling chorizo’s marbled texture and infused with an authentic chorizo style scent, is available to buy now internationally via Chelsie Lane’s website.  The lipstick launches globally today in the home of chorizo at Madrid Fashion Week.

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Papa Johns’ new Chorizo range includes delicious new pizzas such as the Planet Chorizo, Chorizo Orbit with Olive & Onion and Cosmic Chorizo Chicken as well as a Cosmic Chorizo Chicken Papadia and Chorizo Space Rolls side order.


Jo Blundell, VP of International Marketing at Papa Johns comments: “Papa Johns is a brand that is synonymous with delicious flavour experiences. So, our new space inspired chorizo pizza range and intergalactic marketing campaign will take our fans on an epic taste journey into totally new dimensions.”

The addition of chorizo – a trending food flavour for 2022 – further strengthens Papa Johns’ Better Ingredients. Better Pizza commitment to recipe innovation and food superiority. 


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