Purition launches new vegan flavours

Enhanced vegan recipe prompts release of Vegan Coconut, Pistachio and Almond

Following unprecedented rise in demand, natural whole food shake brand, Purition, is expanding its vegan range - incorporating three much-loved flavours: Vegan Coconut, Vegan Pistachio and Vegan Almond (£22.95 for 500g pack, or £2.49 for 40g sachet).

The new flavours, available at purition.co.uk and various health food retailers, follows a slight recipe revamp, whereby Purition has replaced its rice protein with a new blend of 100% premium European plant proteins golden pea, organic sunflower, organic pumpkin and hemp seed. To achieve these subtle flavours with plant protein, the blend requires a small amount (<0.5%) of natural flavourings – giving the recipe a smoother, tastier finish.

Due to the subtlety of flavour in coconut, pistachio and almond, Purition was not originally able to produce these flavours in the vegan recipe. However, innovation into various plant-based proteins and natural flavouring has allowed them to add Coconut, Almond and Pistachio to its core vegan range.

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Demand for convenient, nutritious shakes and DTC options, has contributed to 30% month-on-month growth for Purition since lockdown began. Blended into a delicious shake in less than 30-seconds or added to a nutritious breakfast bowl, Purition’s natural nutrition, choice of flavours and versatility has had strong appeal with those looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle. 

As well as a growing emphasis on the vegan market, Purition has also extended its core vegetarian range, adding Blackcurrant to the selection - which originally was only available in the vegan format. 

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Edward Taylor, founder at Purition, says: 

Our focus with Purition is to provide real food nutrition with real taste. We don’t use artificial flavourings to make our products hyper-palatable. Instead we work hard to create a blend of natural ingredients, locally sourced where possible, that make a truly delicious product. We offer a large variety of flavours in both the ordinary and vegan range, and constantly trial new recipes to deliver the best natural taste. The use of various vegetable proteins and a small amount of natural flavouring has allowed us to make a truly delicious recipe and enabled us to expand our vegan product portfolio.

Made with real food ingredients, Purition offers pure nutrition, made from natural whole foods like ground seeds and nuts, low sugar fruits, vegetables and natural flavourings.


Notes to editors:

New Vegan Flavours Ingredients

– Plant Based Protein: pea, pumpkin, sunflower & hemp 

– Almonds/ Pistachio/ Coconut (dependent on flavour)

– Golden Linseed

– Sunflower Kernels

– Coconut

– Chia Seeds

– Pumpkin Seeds

– Sesame Seeds

– Nutritional Yeast

– Psyllium Husk

– Apple Pectin

– Natural Flavouring, to enhance

– Stevia, to balance

For further information, please contact:

About Purition 

Purition is passionate about the importance of eating real food for health and wellness.  

It is dedicated to using the freshest, highest quality ingredients sourced responsibility.  

Purition meals can be prepared in seconds helping to take the hassle out of healthy eating without compromising real ingredients for the sake of convenience or profit. 

The recipes are based on nutritious nuts and seeds, ground, mixed and chopped in the company HQ in Shropshire, UK.   

The British owned and operated company is committed to reducing food miles, unnecessary plastic and food waste. Over 75% of the ingredients are grown in Europe and since 2018, it has reduced the amount of unnecessary plastic use by 1,354kg.   

For more information about Purition go to:  


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