Convenient, natural nutrition for lockdown lifestyles

Purition’s #RealFoodRevolution takes hold as the nation stocks up on healthy food 

Staying at home has given many people the opportunity to rethink their food choices and opt for foods that can help to support their long-term health goals.

Purition – the real food meal you can drink – has reported robust sales as more people look for alternative foods that can be easily ordered online and have delivered to their door.


Perfect for a lockdown lifestyle, Purition is prepared, blended and bagged every day, made with 100% real food ingredients. and can be blended into a delicious shake in 30 seconds, added to greek yoghurt or used to make instant oat free porridge, offering convenient and natural nutrition. 


Purition is a quick and tasty breakfast, light lunch or mid afternoon snack. It is low in sugar, high in fibre and protein, certified gluten free and contains healthy unsaturated fats from seeds and nuts – to help you feel fuller for longer and avoid unhealthy snack habits. Ideal for busy parents and wellness seekers, 

We’re all living increasingly laptop lives and looking for ways to stay healthy whilst we’re all indoors. For far too long, Brits have unknowingly been eating ultra-processed ingredients, things like gums, emulsifiers, flavourings and preservatives in foods that are sold as being healthy and good for you. Nothing beats real food ingredients. Maintaining good nutrition can support a healthy immune system. Purition is made with only wholefoods – no artificial ingredients – offering lots of natural nutrition. Easy to order, easy to have delivered and easy to make, Purition is the perfect option for keeping healthy whilst at home.  Edward Taylor, founder of Purition says:
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Shoppers can try a Discovery Box (RRP £12.96) featuring a mix and match of 40g sachets of their choice of flavour from over 10 flavours including Strawberry, Chocolate, Coconut and Coffee & Walnut.  There are also a range of new functional flavours like Beetroot, Beetroot & Chocolate and Golden Milk – which is a good source of turmeric. 


Alternatively, shoppers can opt for a 500g bag (RRP £22.95). Throughout April, NHS workers can apply for a 50% discount on all 500 bags.  


Purition is available in both a vegan or non-vegan recipe. It can also help to support those with Type 2 Diabetes (low-carb), digestive issues or undertaking medical treatment which requires specialist attention and improved diet quality.    




About Purition 

Purition is passionate about the importance of eating real food for health and wellness.  

It is dedicated to using the freshest, highest quality ingredients sourced responsibility. 


Purition meals can be prepared in seconds helping to take the hassle out of healthy eating without compromising real ingredients for the sake of convenience or profit. 


The recipes are based on nutritious nuts and seeds, ground, mixed and chopped in the company HQ in Shropshire, UK.   


The British owned and operated company is committed to reducing food miles, unnecessary plastic and food waste. Over 75% of the ingredients are grown in Europe and since 2018, it has reduced the amount of unnecessary plastic use by 388kg.   


For more information about Purition go to:     

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