Clipper celebrates 25 years of Fairtrade tea

The simple act of buying Fairtrade can make the world of difference to the lives of the people who pick your tea. That box of tea could help put a child through school, provide life-saving medical equipment or go towards someone’s retirement. From a simple cuppa, it’s the small things that can do a world of good.

That’s why Clipper Teas was the first ever UK tea to carry the Fairtrade mark 25 years ago, and today is the world’s largest Fairtrade tea brand. As one of the founding Fairtrade brands, Clipper helped to set the standards for ethical tea production.

Clipper is committed to buying tea on Fairtrade terms, bought directly from the tea estates it has a long-standing relationship with. It buys approximately 1,000 tonnes of Fairtrade tea every year which actively supports 114,000 tea producers and their families*.

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Not only does Fairtrade support fair wages, it also provides a fund called the Fairtrade Premium that farmers can invest back into their communities – Clipper has contributed over £4m to the Premium since it began.

“We know that Clipper’s tea drinkers care deeply about who picks their tea and the many small ways they can do good in this world”, says Rebecca Vercoe, Clipper Teas Brand Controller. “We’ve always been committed to tea that is natural, fair and delicious so you can be rest assured that not only will it taste great, but it’s made in harmony with nature and helps to improve the lives of the people who pick it.”

Choose Quali-tea. Choose Fairtrade.

Buying Fairtrade tea doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as buying a box of Clipper Teas.

Clipper Fairtrade Everyday Tea 100 Bags

RRP: £3.50

A refreshingly brisk, full-flavoured blend with a coppery golden colour, sourced from the finest estates in East Africa, India and Sri Lanka.

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Clipper Organic Fairtrade Pure Green 20 Bags

RRP £1.99

A light and delicate pure green tea, with a bright golden colour, which tastes as good as it looks in the cup.

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