Make scratch cooking easy squeezy with new Kallø Stock Pastes

Meet your new squeeze – Kallø’s  game-changing organic stock pastes.

Stirring things up with a whole new way to stock, Kallø stock pastes are the easiest way to naturally add a burst of flavour to your home-cooked creations (available in Sainsbury’s, RRP £2.50 each).

The multi-use tubes of stock paste allow you to control how much or little you would like to use. A simple squeeze straight into the pan is all you need. No mess. No waste.

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Available in three flavours – Vegetable & Mixed Herbs, Chicken & Rosemary and Garlic & Mixed Herbs each paste is full of flavour and made with natural and high-quality, organic ingredients. The innovative new stock pastes are gluten and lactose free, as well as free from any artificial colours and preservatives.

Kallø stock pastes are the ultimate kitchen hack for cooking fresh, flavoursome meals. Convenient, versatile and easy to use, stock pastes are perfect for scratch-cooking enthusiasts with a busy lifestyle. Just squeeze and stir into your recipes, or use as a speedy marinade for savoury traybakes. Simply delicious.

Each recyclable tube contains six concentrated servings (one squeeze = one tablespoon) and is equal in flavour to one stock pot. Great for adding lots of natural flavour to a plant-based meal, the Vegetable & Mixed Herbs and Garlic & Mixed Herbs variants are also suitable for vegans.

Kallø’s mission is to make eating natural and healthy food delicious and effortless, through a growing range of snacks and cooking ingredients.

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