On The Edge’s popular VTubers tap TikTok for a wider Gen Z audience


After its successful November YouTube launch of the world’s first virtual influencers aimed at kids, On The Edge Conservation is now tapping TikTok to allow its VTubers to reach more Gen Zs.

Given TikTok is currently the fastest growing social media platform, with 60% of its users Gen Z, the channel was a natural next step for On the Edge’s series of anthropomorphic 3D characters.

‘Lexi’ (an aye-aye from Madagascar), ‘Eric’ (a Chinese pangolin from southern Nepal) and ‘Tegan’ (a Kakapo from New Zealand) currently vlog weekly about their human-like lifestyles on YouTube, whilst also engaging with kids about their unique species and endangered status.

In three months, On The Edge’s YouTube channel has attracted over 330,000 views and upwards of 550 subscribers, proving its innovative content and digital storytelling is attracting a generation of young activists who want to champion biodiversity.

Lexi is the first character to launch to On the Edge’s TikTok channel (@ontheedgeofficial). She’s a critically-endangered aye-aye with a distinct extra-long middle finger. As a VTuber, Lexi is a young wannabe DJ living in London. She’s looking forward to using TikTok’s love of dance challenges and music to gather a large, engaged audience.

On The Edge’s other VTubers have recently joined Lexi on the platform.  

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Whilst the majority of virtual influencers are limited to still images, OTEC’s virtual influencers were launched using revolutionary motion capture techniques. This makes them more life-like and engaging for a younger audience, whilst allowing OTEC to meet demand for regular, short-form video content across multiple digital platforms.


Head of Creative Content at On the Edge Conservation, Bruna Capozzoli, said:

Lexi is winning the hearts of a young YouTube audience, but like all good influencers, she knows she needs to build her profile across multiple channels, and Tik Tok’s world of music and dance is perfect for our aspiring DJ! All our VTubers are rapidly building engaged audiences and we plan to cross-promote their stories, lifestyles and passions via the different channels as they evolve.

OTEC is a foundation focused on the preservation of Evolutionary Distinct and Globally Endangered (EDGE) species. The full content series aims to inspire young activists to value, champion and secure the world’s diverse species and ecosystems.

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About OTEC:


On the Edge Conservation uses media combined with cutting-edge technology to reconnect humanity with the natural world.  Through storytelling and providing support for innovative conservation action and science, we strive for game-changing impact around the world.   Our approach is designed to inspire positive engagement in both adults and the next generation.


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