Sylvanian Families launches new Town

Biggest product launch in over 30 years

Sylvanian Families Town
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Sylvanian Families Town

31 years since it first arrived in the UK, iconic toy range Sylvanian Families has expanded with the largest product launch in its history – a new town – now available to buy from all good toy shops.

Collected worldwide by fans from three years old to adulthood, Sylvanian Families comprise miniature, anthropomorphic woodland animals which live in dolls houses within the fictitious, rural ‘Sylvanian Village’.

The launch of the new Sylvanian Families Town (22 product lines) allows fans to create an alternative to the usual countryside setting of the Village. An exciting urban destination for the Sylvanian characters to visit on a special ‘day out’, the Town is also where the ‘older sister’ characters work – doing their dream jobs.

Stella the fashion design in the new Sylvanian Families Town with clients at her Designer Studio
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Laura Cakebread runs the Chocolate Lounge in the new Sylvanian Families Town
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As with most countryside-dwellers seeking a spot of shopping and culture on a trip to town, Sylvanians can enjoy a host of sophisticated activities, designed with all the usual intricate details for which the global toy brand is famous.

Dominating the Town’s main street is the Grand Department Store (complete with workable lift and revolving door) where the latest fashions can be displayed alongside luxury accessories and a beauty cosmetics counter.

There’s also the option to visit the Designers Studio to be fitted for a bespoke outfit by the fashion designer, Stella Chocolate. Getting around the Sylvanian Families Town is easy via the red and gold Ride Along Tram which takes visitors to all the main destinations.

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After a morning’s shopping, Sylvanians can enjoy a spot of lunch at the new Delicious Restaurant, visit the Creamy Gelato Shop, relax in the Chocolate Lounge or take afternoon tea on the restaurant terrace. Culture-lovers can also listen to a classical concert during their day out, thanks to the grand piano, violin and cello sets. When darkness falls, there are workable street lights to throw a warm glow over the pastel-coloured buildings.

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Everyone loves to get dressed up for a day out, and Sylvanians are no exception! Launching alongside the Town buildings and interior accessories are various dress up sets, including elegant dresses, hats and handbags for key characters.

There are new characters living in the Sylvanian Families Town: Stella, Lulu and Laura are the older sisters of existing characters and depicted as independent working women. The Maple Cat Family comprises Father, Mother, two children and twins; Theodore the Maple Cat Father is the tram driver and Georgina the Maple Cat Mother runs the Creamy Gelato Shop.

Michihiro Maeda, CEO of Epoch, the Japanese company which owns Sylvanian Families, said: “We have been working on the new Town concept for the last 3-4 years and are excited to see it launch. The concept behind it is quite different to the Sylvanian Village; we wanted to create an exciting place which the characters visit on the weekend, a place where their dreams come to life.”

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