Kallø stirs up stocks with two new plant-based flavour-packed cubes

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Kallø has added two new flavour-packed stocks to its plant-based range – Organic Umami and Organic Sriracha stock cubes.


As part of Kallø’s commitment to offering plant-based, flexitarian options, these new cubes join its Organic Mushroom and Organic Garlic & Herb stocks, all of which are gluten and lactose free, and made with no added MSG or artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.


Umami translates as ‘essence of deliciousness’ in Japanese and is renowned for the richness and depth of flavour it adds to paired ingredients, making it the perfect base for Kallø’s shiitake mushroom and udon noodle bowl recipe.


Sriracha’s balance of spicy and sweet Asian flavour notes adds a well-rounded heat to scratch cooking, used to baste the florets in Kallø’s recipe for roasted cauliflower bites with lemony greens and spicy dip.

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With 86% of plant-based meals now eaten by non-vegans*, as more diners shift to flexitarian diets, Kallø has challenged BOSH! to develop tasty recipes and clever kitchen hacks using Organic Umami and Organic Sriracha. Why not try their vegan ‘seafood’ paella or sriracha mash potato?


Organic Umami and Organic Sriracha stock cubes are available now in Tesco, with Organic Umami also in Sainsbury’s and Waitrose (RRP £1.20 for six stock cubes).



Notes to editors:

* Kantar: Disrupting the Future presentation, January 2020

About Kallø

Founded in 1985 and originating from two brothers in Belgium, Kallø is the UK‘s no.1 organic producer of rice cakes and stocks. Kallø prides itself on its organic, natural roots, and continued commitment to sustainability and health. It is part of the family of brands owned by Wessanen UK, which includes Clipper Teas, Whole Earth and Mrs. Crimble’s. Many of Kallø 's products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. They do not use any artificial flavours, additives or preservatives. Kallø and Wessanen are both B Corp certified in recognition of its commitment to organic ingredients and helping consumers to eat more healthily.

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