Nuts about peanut butter!

Lockdown powers peanut butter sales as demand soars

The nation’s love for peanut butter is spreading, as sales of the wholesome spread show rapid growth with Brits looking for healthier foods to enjoy at home.


A reflection of changing breakfast choices, peanut butter has overtaken jam in the UK’s supermarkets – YOY value sales for peanut butter were £98.9m compared to £96.9m for jam.*


Peanut butter also gained a 35.5% increase in total sales over the last 12 weeks** during lockdown, putting it firmly on track to overtake jam in the overall spreads category.

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Peanut butter is known for its great taste and nutritional benefits such as high fibre, protein, vitamins and mineral, good fats and low sugar. It has great appeal with a growing number of healthy eaters – particularly with those following a plant-based diet.


Leading the charge is the UK’s number one peanut butter brand, Whole Earth, which has a 25.9% share of peanut butter sales in supermarkets, more than any other brand including own label peanut butter.


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The growth of the category has been bolstered by new innovations hitting the shelves with interesting new flavours and the introduction of Marmite peanut butter. Whole Earth recently launched its first Chocolate & Hazelnut Peanut Butter. The spread has 80% less sugar than traditional chocolate spreads and is naturally sweetened by dates – proving a healthier alternative for adults and children that have a sweet tooth.


The versatility of peanut butter continues to be a driving force for demand too. In a Twitter poll run by Whole Earth, the brand measured how consumers best enjoyed their peanut butter during lockdown. 63% of consumers enjoyed it spread on toast or bagels. While 16.4% preferred it as a cereal or porridge topping and 12.3% liked to dip fruit into it. Adding peanut butter to healthy smoothies was also desirable, scooping 8.2% of the vote.***


The peanut butter category continues to grow across all leading brands as Brits better understand the nutritional value, look for lower-sugar alternatives and partake in more home cooking and baking.

Now more than ever, it’s so important to look after our health. Peanut butter offers an easy and tasty way to add more nutrition to breakfast and snack choices – which more consumers are beginning to recognise. It’s now considered a store cupboard essential by many, thanks not only due to its long shelf life but also to its natural and simple ingredients. We’re proud to be leading the category and are confident that new shoppers that have discovered peanut butter during lockdown will continue to be loyal customers. Kirstie Hawkins, Whole Earth brand controller

Whole Earth and its brand owner Wessanen UK are certified by B Corp and aim to provide food that is both good for health and good for the planet. In 2020 the brand removed the plastic tamper seal from over 9.5m peanut butter jars sold annually and replaced it with a paper version.




Notes to Editors 

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Source: IRI 12 w/e 25 April 2020


*** A Twitter poll carried out by Whole Earth (@wholeearthfoods) offered a multiple choice with the following options:

·         Toast and bagels

·         Porridge/ cereal toppings

·         In a smoothie

·         Paired with fruit


The poll had 179 entrants; results collected on 9th June 2020.


About Whole Earth


Founded in 1967, Whole Earth creates natural and wholesome foods that are good for you and good for the earth. With a firm commitment on real, down-to-earth goodness, Whole Earth makes peanut butters and other products that are made with only natural, wholesome ingredients with nothing artificial added. B Corp certified, Whole Earth is the UK’s no.1 peanut butter brand and is best known for its growing spreads portfolio.   

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