Clipper and Seed and Bean introduce a new take on the tea break

Clipper Teas, the ethical and organic tea brand owned by Wessanen UK, has partnered with like-minded chocolate producer, Seed and Bean, on a large scale on-pack promotion; available to all its retail partners nationwide.

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Over 300,000 packs of Clipper’s green tea will carry a Seed and Bean branded sticker which will give consumers an opportunity to claim a free bar of Seed and Bean’s 85g dark chocolate with four flavours to choose from: Extra Dark, Cornish Sea Salt, Extra Dark 72% Cocoa, Extra Dark Mint and Fine Dark Lemon and Cardamon (normal price, £2.69).

To claim their free chocolate, consumers will be directed towards a dedicated micro-site to enter the unique code printed on the inside of the box.

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The promotional packs are available from mid-December 2017 and will be available until stocks last.

The combination of cleansing green tea and dark chocolate will give consumers a fresh take on the mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack, offering an indulgent yet natural pick-me-up. To help introduce office workers to green tea and dark chocolate, Clipper will also deliver samples to over 500 major London businesses including Top Shop, Vogue House and Air BnB.

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To inspire consumers to switch their tea break to green tea and dark chocolate, Clipper Teas has enlisted the help of expert nutritionist Libby Lemon who offers advice on the best green tea and dark chocolate pairings on Clipper’s website.

The partnership unites and strengthens the shared values of the brands including their organic and Fairtrade principles alongside their dedication for using the finest natural ingredients and delivering great-tasting products. 

There is a great synergy between Clipper and Seed and Bean which has enabled us to put together a well aligned on-pack promotion and a generous offer that will attract ethical and conscious shoppers. Not only do we share the same natural, fair and organic principles, but we are also both produced in the UK and are committed to producing high quality and delicious products in beautiful packaging.   Adele Ward, Clipper Teas Brand Controller at Wessanen UK
Cleansing green tea and energising dark chocolate are the perfect match for a natural pick-me-up –together, they're a deliciously decadent way to make your next tea break feel a bit more virtuous. Less calorific and sugary than the usual tea and cake pairing, consumers can be good, but feel a bit naughty.  People will be surprised at how well the combination works; the flavours of green tea marry beautifully with the dark chocolate. It’s time to shake up the tea break and go green! Adele Ward, Clipper Teas Brand Controller at Wessanen UK

Clipper Teas and Seed and Bean will be supporting the partnership across all social media channels including which will include a collaborative social competition to win a hamper of green tea and dark chocolate.

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Clipper was the UK’s first Fairtrade tea company. Founded in Dorset in 1984, Clipper manufactures an extensive variety of organic and Fairtrade teas and coffees – from everyday blends to green tea and infusions. All of Clipper’s products are made with pure ingredients from the highest-quality sources, with nothing artificial added.

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