Miffy at the Museum

New museum – designed just for children – opens in Utrecht, February 2016

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Holland is famous for its national museums containing Dutch Masters and the paintings of Van Gogh, but now there is a new museum just for children - which is bound to be as popular.

The Miffy Museum opens on 6 February 2016 in the city of Utrecht, birthplace of Miffy’s creator, Dick Bruna.

The first of its kind in the Netherlands, the museum’s interior, toys and play materials all combine to allow young children to discover the world around them while they play – together with Miffy and friends.

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A miniature world

The moment they enter the museum, children are immersed in Miffy’s happy little world, which starts with her house. From there, Miffy takes them on an adventure… crawling, exploring, sniffing, dancing and playing as they go along.

The rooms at the Miffy Museum are each dedicated to a different subject, forming miniature worlds full of interactive activities. Whilst at the zoo, you can play with all the animals whether they’re wild or tame. When you go to the doctor, the doctor examines your eyes and ears. Or, since Boris Bear isn’t feeling very well, you can be the doctor and make Boris Bear feel better again. At Miffy’s house you can bake a cake in the kitchen, mow the lawn in the back garden and put Miffy to bed.

Even the functional areas of the museum are designed to be part of Miffy’s world; the toilets feel like the beach, the staircase lets you fly through the clouds, whilst the picnic area is a forest. 

Listen, watch, do!

The art room within the museum is open daily, with creative workshops professionally supervised every weekend. Paint, stamp, snip, stick…. Make something lovely and enjoy every minute!  

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An invitation to imagine

Miffy is the main character in 32 of the 124 picture books published by Dick Bruna (Utrecht, 1927). In the stories, Miffy actively explores the world around her, often together with her family and friends. Children immediately relate to the characters created by Dick Bruna, and the simple, every day adventures they enjoy. Dick Bruna deliberately creates a world that children can fill with their own imagination. This is a key part of the philosophy behind the Miffy Museum.

Studio Dick Bruna

For those who are interested in the life and work of Dick Bruna, his original studio is now a permanent exhibit at the Centraal Museum, located opposite the Miffy Museum. The reconstructed studio serves as a showcase for a changing selection of works from his rich oeuvre, which has been placed with the Centraal Museum on a long-term loan. Utrecht is the destination city for all those who love Miffy and her creator Dick Bruna.

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